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Wow, an anti-Duff community. LJ really does have it all! XD 
Where do I begin? 
1. First of all, she's a white girl. Ew.
2. Lizzie Mcquire ( I think I spelled it wrong ) is one of the stupidest nadstat-y fluff fluffy fluff shows I've ever viddied, and I've only viddied one episode. It wasn't funny, it wasn't even entertaining. 
3. Her movies suck donkey balls. 
4. Ya call that singing? It sounds like the noise a fly makes when you pull its wings off with a dirty pair of tweezers.
5. She's a stupid lil' goody two-shoes
6. The fact that my former best friend had a 'Lizzie McQuire' trapper-keeper and tortured me with a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie at her sleep-over made me hate her much much more.
Uhm thats all I can think of right now. Glad to be here, oh my brothers. 
-Peace out
PS-Is there an anti-Mary-Kate and Ashley community? ;)
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