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Hillbilly's Making Fun Of Dance Music! [
April 30, 2007]

[ mood | angry ]

... What a terd making fun of my Dad's music. My Dad luvs Hillbilly, but he doesn't see the true evil behind those hazel eyes...

-Lenore Skellington

2 hate hilary duff

Ick. Duff. Ick. [
April 28, 2007]

[ mood | annoyed ]

*gets grenades and explosives*

-Lenore, Hater of Duff.

12 hate hilary duff

March 13, 2007]

Hilary Duff: Dignity
0 hate hilary duff

I love you all [
February 1, 2007]


Hilary duff gets burned alive as a sim
5 hate hilary duff

December 2, 2006]






5 hate hilary duff

Haha. [
November 30, 2006]
I don't know if you've seen these... but it's so hideous.

FUGLY.Collapse )
4 hate hilary duff

more bad hair [
November 29, 2006]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
7 hate hilary duff

October 22, 2006]


9 hate hilary duff

October 18, 2006]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
12 hate hilary duff

September 15, 2006]

[ mood | amused ]

When asked for her autumn fashion tip, fashion genius hilary came up with this pear of wisdom: 'i think coats because people get cold' yes hilary its cold in autumn and coats keep you warm! i'm am amused and also slightly disturbed. is hilary starting to develop a brain!

1 hate hilary duff

September 13, 2006]

[ mood | sick ]

Gods in heaven, I've been a member of this com for over a year and this is my first time posting! xD
Just a little something I thought you guys might find fun. The other day, I got to hear my boyfriend's little sister ranting about how Duff was simply the most beautiful being ever! Needles to say I felt the need to inlighten the dear child and since I couldn't find any good photo's of Hilary lying in a pool of her vomit, I settled on the next best thing.
Myself and a friend came up with Top five list, of random people that are more beautiful than Hilary Duff. Not hard. But still here it is, complete with comparason pics-

feel the pain...Collapse )

Optional text hereCollapse )
6 hate hilary duff

Duff endorsing cosmetic surgery [
August 31, 2006]


LOL honestly, I have yet to hear ANY celebrity say something remotely thoughtful about cosmetic surgery beyond "making someone feel better about themselves"-- what about those who have been in bad car accidents and actually need to fix their faces? Or those who actually have something horribly wrong with their face? What about actual physical deformities? Yeah, I'm sure Asslee Simpson's nose was THAT horrible to deserve a fix.

And the work Hilary had done to herself (those big teeth) only made her look worse.

from ohnotheydidnt
2 hate hilary duff

August 31, 2006]

Duff has a perfume! I snagged this scan of the ad from ohnotheydidnt. She's been airbrushed to within an inch of her life, and the ad is just boring.

Pic under the cut.Collapse )

She doesn't even play the damn piano, *eyeroll* And the general consensus on ONTD is that even her hands are photoshopped. Sigh. That's just pathetic.
5 hate hilary duff

Hilary Duff's Material Girls voted Worst Movie of All Time [
August 30, 2006]

Article Here-

Material Girls has been voted the worst movie of all time on imdb.com's bottom 100 list after only six days of release.

Girls stars the Duff sisters: Hilary and Haylie as two wealthy sisters who are given a wake-up call when a scandal and ensuing investigation strip them of their wealth. As of press time, the film is getting a 1.6 rating with 814 votes.

The last few months have turned out some rotten movies: Zoom, Little Man, Date Movie, Doogal and more. Will 2006 become known as the worst movie year of all time?

If this brief article bored you then you may wanna check out the Material Girls IMDB page.
A review (long so I cut it): 1 out of 4 and moreCollapse )

Oh. My. God. (fake but funny)

(from here) hillary dufe is so awesome!!!!! all her movies r so kulw! when im 16 i wanna b jus lyk her!!! n shez rly preyt! when she kisz chad mikal murey in a cineals story i wuz so jealous cuz hes hot but she totalie dureaseved hiM!!! pluz i luv hwo shez always in sukch KULW movise!!! lyk cindeala story!!!! n rays ur voice n lyze mguier wur SOOOOOOOO kulw!!!!! isnt she so kulw!?!
10 hate hilary duff

Material Girls are YUMMY! [
August 30, 2006]

[ mood | bored ]

This should be a great movie! Read more...Collapse )

3 hate hilary duff

New Member [
August 29, 2006]

[ mood | crazy ]

Wow, an anti-Duff community. LJ really does have it all! XD 
Where do I begin? 
1. First of all, she's a white girl. Ew.
2. Lizzie Mcquire ( I think I spelled it wrong ) is one of the stupidest nadstat-y fluff fluffy fluff shows I've ever viddied, and I've only viddied one episode. It wasn't funny, it wasn't even entertaining. 
3. Her movies suck donkey balls. 
4. Ya call that singing? It sounds like the noise a fly makes when you pull its wings off with a dirty pair of tweezers.
5. She's a stupid lil' goody two-shoes
6. The fact that my former best friend had a 'Lizzie McQuire' trapper-keeper and tortured me with a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie at her sleep-over made me hate her much much more.
Uhm thats all I can think of right now. Glad to be here, oh my brothers. 
-Peace out
PS-Is there an anti-Mary-Kate and Ashley community? ;)

7 hate hilary duff

August 27, 2006]
Oh guess what? Have you guys all heard of that new shitty movie? Material crap? That one with horse teeth and her sister, big bird? WELL. as expected, it TOTALLY flopped. It came NUMBER 9 at the box office with a total of $4,603,121, while SNAKES ON A PLANE, which came out on the exact same day, came #1, AND collected $15,206,301. Heck, even PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, whcih may I remind you, has been on the top 10 for SEVEN weeks, came higher than her at #8 and collected $5,212,351. Now that my friends, is what I call SAD.

Even the viewers have rated it on average, a C+, which is CRAP. Look at what critics are saying about it.

E! Online, Matt Stevens
"Save your allowance, kids--a mall trip would be way more fun than this ditzy Duff fluff."

Entertainment Weekly, Gregory Kirschling
"...so unsympathetic, exasperating, and smug from the get-go that you figure the movie has to be a send-up of the Hiltons, or the Olsens, or something. But it's not Clueless, just clueless."

Hollywood Reporter, Frank Scheck
"As for the Duff sisters, well, their work here only inspires hope that their 15-minute clock has started ticking."

Let me remind you, these are some of the top critics in USA. What can we say? This was expected. Forget it Duff fans, your little preppy talentless horse will NEVER be taken seriously.
7 hate hilary duff

August 14, 2006]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey kids! Long time-lurker, first time poster. I'm actually not a Hilary hater at all, but I love anti websites. I find them amusing.
Anywho, I thought you guys might like these lol-worthy videos.

Onward!Collapse )

11 hate hilary duff

U.S. pre-teen girls ignore Hilary Duff's fashion picks [
August 9, 2006]
NEW YORK (Reuters) — Singers Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson may have infiltrated closets, shoe trees and bathrooms with their names emblazoned on apparel or perfume, but there's one place celebrities are not having much of an effect — the closets of pre-teen girls, according to a survey to be released Monday.

Despite media saturation of bold-faced names, girls between the ages of 9 and 14 scrutinize clothing catalogs or school peers for dressing cues, rather than MTV or entertainment shows, according to a Tween Brands (TWB) July survey of 400 girls.

"A year ago, when I was 13, I didn't look at celebrities," said Kelly Collazos, a Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, student. "I would look at magazines or catalogs and say, 'I have a shirt like that, I'll put it together that way."'

These findings have an impact on how companies spend their tightly watched advertising dollars. Whether they pay a celebrity to promote their products or focus instead on a so-called catazine that shows clothing and styles in a magazine-style format, can mean the difference of millions of dollars.

So Tween Brands, which runs the Justice and Limited Too clothing chains for pre-teen girls, instead puts its cash into more than 18 million catalogs a year. The books feature fresh-faced models, instead of celebrities.

Only 12% of girls ages 9 to 14 look to movie or rock stars for fashion inspiration, according to the survey, instead looking to models in magazines or catalogs, their mothers or their friends.

But what happens during those critical high school years?

Said Kelly, who starts high school in September: "I like Paris Hilton."

And when she saw rock band Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz wearing a cool belt in an MTV video, she went to Hot Topic and bought a similar item.

"Now we look at music videos," she said. "It's all about the music."

I really don't think this is true at all, all the trends are started by celebrities and the last sentences are just ridiculous.

1 hate hilary duff

August 5, 2006]

An article on the MSN home-page titled "Paris and other Singers Who Can't Sing". After Paris was named, they listed others. The first? Our favorite horse.

Hilary Duff: It used to be that when a TV show was popular, there would be T-shirts, posters, possibly a lunchbox. In the case of Disney's "Lizzie McGuire," things just got out of hand and resulted in star Hilary Duff launching a singing career full of aggressively focus-grouped bubblegum pop. That genre is a rich American tradition, of course, but with Duff there are problems: First, she isn't a very good singer. Second, she sings anyway. It's like being blasted by a fire hose full of Skittles.

Source: MSN
4 hate hilary duff

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