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Oh guess what? Have you guys all heard of that new shitty movie? Material crap? That one with horse teeth and her sister, big bird? WELL. as expected, it TOTALLY flopped. It came NUMBER 9 at the box office with a total of $4,603,121, while SNAKES ON A PLANE, which came out on the exact same day, came #1, AND collected $15,206,301. Heck, even PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, whcih may I remind you, has been on the top 10 for SEVEN weeks, came higher than her at #8 and collected $5,212,351. Now that my friends, is what I call SAD.

Even the viewers have rated it on average, a C+, which is CRAP. Look at what critics are saying about it.

E! Online, Matt Stevens
"Save your allowance, kids--a mall trip would be way more fun than this ditzy Duff fluff."

Entertainment Weekly, Gregory Kirschling
"...so unsympathetic, exasperating, and smug from the get-go that you figure the movie has to be a send-up of the Hiltons, or the Olsens, or something. But it's not Clueless, just clueless."

Hollywood Reporter, Frank Scheck
"As for the Duff sisters, well, their work here only inspires hope that their 15-minute clock has started ticking."

Let me remind you, these are some of the top critics in USA. What can we say? This was expected. Forget it Duff fans, your little preppy talentless horse will NEVER be taken seriously.
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