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Gods in heaven, I've been a member of this com for over a year and this is my first time posting! xD
Just a little something I thought you guys might find fun. The other day, I got to hear my boyfriend's little sister ranting about how Duff was simply the most beautiful being ever! Needles to say I felt the need to inlighten the dear child and since I couldn't find any good photo's of Hilary lying in a pool of her vomit, I settled on the next best thing.
Myself and a friend came up with Top five list, of random people that are more beautiful than Hilary Duff. Not hard. But still here it is, complete with comparason pics-

Although, I'm sure some might not agree with our choices, at least we can make old horse face look, really ugly.
So here's the list, no particular order-

The End
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